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The History of the Philadelphia Seventh-Day Adventist Church
The beginning of Philadelphia Seventh-Day Adventist Church took place in a tent on Garden Street in Shreveport, Louisiana under the direction of Elder King. Additional locations for service were the homes of Lizzie Longware and Sister Helen Brown.
The church was organized as a church and a school with it's first teacher being Louisa Longware. During the 1930's the church moved to 1143 Madison Avenue. The church remained at the Madison Avenue location until 1985 when it moved to it's current location under the direction of Pastor Albert Teele.
Some of the ministers who were instrumental in the establishing of Philadelphia were W. S. Lee, Eric Dillett, Thomas Coopwood, M. B. King, B. R. Lee, John Green and O. J. Trotter . Elder Trotter was the first pastor at 1143 Madison Avenue. Realizing a need for Christian Education that property was purchased for church and a church school in 1934.
Pastors who followed after Pastor Trotter were: Pastor Louden, D. C. Batson, Leon Garfield Cox, Allen B. Humphrey, W. J. Cleveland, John C. Smith, Jerome Anthony James, Louis Duke Henderson, Carl Maceo Bailey, Edmond Demond Rudley, Rayfield F. Warnick, Gabe J. Chissell, Earl L. Howard, O. A. Jackson, Milton Young, Albert Teele, Leroy Phillips, L. W. Draggon. Eddie Polite, J. Malcolm Phipps,Jr., Cedric Belcher, Ennis V. Johnson, Sr. and Rodney Draggon. 

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